This is the dead ash tree on the Stonesfield straight that galvanised the Environment group to form the ‘Stonesfield Tree Planters’. There are just under 50 ash trees on the straight increasingly affected by ash dieback. Most of these trees will have to be taken down in the next five years. This is the moment to refresh and renew trees to replace these ash trees for the future.

During 2022 Stonesfield Tree Planters have been steadily planning to refresh and renew the trees on the Stonesfield Straight (Woodstock Road). We are fortunate to be part of the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’ initiative with trees arriving from the Woodland Trust in late October. The choice of trees has fluctuated as we consider the hot dry summer and look to the future. Trees will also come from a Blenheim bursary, a grant from Stonesfield community trust and trees that many residents have been growing in the village (astonishingly so far over 80 trees) some of these trees will be planted on the straight.

With all our applications and discussions (landowners, farmers, highways, the Parish Council and throughout the village) we have been clear the the tree planting is part of the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’ and celebrates her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Our longer term plan is to plant a tree for everyone in the village.

We will report our activities on the Environmental News (link below) and in The Stonesfield Slate.

Anyone interested in finding out more about our projects or in joining our group please email John Sampson.

Boundary Marker

As well as the trees we have had agreements to allow a marker stone for the Stonesfield Straight (Woodstock Road).

The boundary of the Cotswold area of outstanding national beauty (CAONB) crosses the straight at the Blenheim end and we are in the CAONB. The stone will be on the left side just after the Coombe turn as you come towards Stonesfield just before the large beech tree.

This is being generously funded by Stonesfield residents.

‘Tiny Forest’

Witney Tiny Forest was planted on Saturday 14 March 2020 and was the UK’s first Tiny Forest. It was planted by volunteers from Witney Town Council, Witney Land Army, the Wychwood project and local residents.

The octagonal design of the forest was inspired by Witney’s Church steeple. There is an outdoor classroom area that can be used by both schools and local residents.

We are exploring the possibility of planting a ‘tiny forest’ for Stonesfield.

Tiny Forest handbook

Growing trees from seed

Pictured is a Wych Elm seedling grown from seed in 2022, for planting in winter 2022/3.

If you grow trees we will aim to plant them. As a general rule seeds should be planted at twice as deep as the size of the seed. If you keep the pots with air under them roots that grow out of the pot will air dry and the tree will form more roots in the pot.

More information of growing trees from seed can be found using this link.

How to grow trees from seed handbook

Further projects in the planning.
  • We are looking for a site for a Community Orchard    Any thoughts or ideas ? Please get in touch
  • We are discussing with Highways using ‘natural regeneration’  to establish trees. This has not been tried before by the highways department.
  • We are planning to improve hedgerows and plant trees along local walks. We also have agreement from a local landowner to extend a local woodland area as and when we have spare trees.
We are grateful for the support and encouragement we have from The Blenheim estate, Wychwood forest trust, Stonesfield  community trust and Stonesfield Parish council. Above all it is the support from within our village that makes progress possible. Do get in touch if you would like to help with any aspect. We will need help raising funds to make plans happen.