On 19th June, Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) installed four speed / volume measuring devices at locations requested by SAFER.

Each location was at least 50m within the 30mph zone . The devices recorded traffic volume and speed, in each direction, on a 24hour basis.

The devices remained in place for a full 7 days. OCC then removed them and provided SAFER with the data.

This data is still being analysed but this document provides a preliminary review.

Approximately 14,000 vehicles pass through Stonesfield each week plus approximately 2,500 local vehicles exiting (and then re-entering) Stonesfield. Over 33,000 vehicles were recorded as either entering or leaving Stonesfield during the 7 days.

There has been a 5% increase in traffic since the 2016 survey in Woodstock Road (page 9).

Peak traffic flows are 7 – 8 am and 3 – 6pm however there is significant flow from 7am to 7pm on all roads.

There is a ‘culture’ of exceeding the speed limit on all the entry / exit roads to Stonesfield as 33.8% of vehicles, on these roads, were exceeding the 30mph limit.

2,153 vehicles (6.5%) were travelling at over 35mph, speeds sufficient to receive 3 penalty points on a driving license, including over 300 vehicles that were recorded exceeding 40mph:

  • Woodstock Road – 165 vehicles over 40mph
  • Laughton Hill – 99 vehicles over 40mph
  • Combe Road – 40 vehicles over 40mph

Longore has the lowest percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit and no vehicle was recorded as exceeding 40mph.

Most through vehicles use Pond Hill rather than the Greenfield Road / Longore cut through.

More details are in the attached document.

Road Survey- Preliminary analysis web.pdf