Elected Chair of the Town Council’s Traffic Advisory Group and met this last week with officers from the County, Blenheim Estates and councillors from the Town and District Council.

Actions and progress highlighted on Burford Traffic Order, Feasibility Study for reducing speed and resurfacing on A44, the Black Prince and pedestrian rails on the bridge and lines restricting parking  in bus bays.

Car parking to be moved forward with options on Resident Permits, rationalising parking in the centre of town, Blenheim parking, park n ride and enforcement.

WODC to be asked to ensure officer attends this group. Chair to contact chief executive and leader of the council and lead officers on the county.

Footpath running alongside Woodstock Football Club highlighted to Blenheim Estates as overhanging branches are blocking the footpath. Needs to be cut back.

The Bartons for next week

Flooding meeting arranged with Wayne Barker in Sandford St. Martins for next week

Met with safer road campaigner with Cllr. Jackson to update and re-in force the need to co-ordinate the work done by different groups with the parish initiative.


Meeting arranged with Wayne Barker to further resolution of the flooding issues previously highlighted.

Further set back on the scheduling of the resurfacing of the Rousham Road and Meadcroft Road due to budget restraints and the need for the Technical Team to programme it. Will be taking further action to move this forward.

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