The Oxfordshire 2050 Plan is a long-term plan being formulated by Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council and the District Councils, including West Oxfordshire.

The implications of the Plan are stark. If any of the Plan’s three options being proposed are carried out it will affect everyone in the county, either directly through development, or indirectly through the impact on the environment, infrastructure and services.

Need Not Greed Oxfordshire (to which SUSTO is affiliated) has produced this leaflet that graphically explains what is being proposed. Please click on the link to read the leaflet.

Click here to read NNGO leaflet
The Plan is open to public consultation until Friday 8 October so you have a chance to make your voice heard. All of these proposals will have a negative affect on our environment, will not supply the truly affordable houses that are needed and will not do anything to ‘level up’ the country. Reply to the consultation at:
NNGO have also prepared a template email which you can cut and paste. However, it’s better if you can write your own comments so feel free to change it to cover your specific concerns eg Green Belt, infrastructure, water quality, affordable housing etc. Here’s the link to the template.
Link to email template
Richard Morris
Chair Sustainable Stonesfield