Planning for the VTN is now under way and a dedicated project team has been established made up of representatives from Bladon, Combe, Glympton, Hanborough, Stonesfield, Woodstock and Wootton (see map).
The VTN initiative aims to create a network of safer walking, cycling and riding networks that link villages and communities together. Routes in the network will provide safer and more sustainable options for local communities that avoid busy roads, pollution and will enable recreational and well-being benefits.
So far the planning of the VTN project has produced a detailed delivery plan covering the vision and objectives of the project.

This involved:

– Linking objectives to tasks
– Definitions for over 30 key tasks
– Identifying task dependencies
– Associated risks
– Initial task prioritisation
– RAG status reporting

Further updates will appear on the website and in the Slate as this project gathers pace