At last! It has finally arrived: your chance to say how you would like Stonesfield to grow over the coming years.

In the first few days of March, the Village Survey was delivered to every household in the village. In it you are asked what developments in housing, transport, infrastructure and the environment you would like to see – for yourself, and for future generations.

For online access to the two surveys:

Household (one survey to be completed per Stonesfield household):

Individual (can be completed by every Stonesfield resident who is 16 or older):

Whats the deadline? 31 March 2023.

Why now? And what happens to your answers?

A Parish Council steering group is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Stonesfield. Once approved by village residents and the District Council, it will form part of the West Oxfordshire Development Plan. All planning applications must be determined with regard to the Development Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will therefore give Stonesfield residents a chance to influence the policies on which planning decisions are made. We need evidence upon which to base the policies. An important source of the evidence will be your answers to the survey. The steering group will use your answers in drafting the Stonesfield Neighbourhood Plan.

Whats it got to do with me?

Your answers will stand as your statement of how you want Stonesfield to develop

  • The government is pushing for more houses: what sort do you think we need, and how should they look? What infrastructure do you think is needed to support them?
  • The environment is under threat: which green spaces would you like to protect? Do you care about the state of the river?
  • There is a danger the S3 bus service could be cut: do you want to keep it?
  • Would you like dedicated cycle paths?
  • Would you welcome back the pub?

Your views are crucial.

Please make every effort to complete and return (if doing the paper version) the survey, so we can record your views and preferences and create a Neighbourhood Plan for the village. It only takes half an hour!

How do I complete it?

We strongly encourage you to complete it online (see two links above). It’s very simple: instructions are on the survey itself. If you would prefer to use the paper version, you can drop your completed survey off at the shop or the library, from where you can also pick up more copies for your household if needed. If you can’t do that, email us at info so we can arrange for someone to deliver / collect it.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the survey or the Neighbourhood Plan go to:, or email us at

The more people who complete the survey, the more accurate will be the picture of how you want the village to develop. So please complete the survey this month, and encourage friends and family to do the same. There will be a prize draw from all completed surveys (on-line and paper) for a £50 Amazon voucher! Details can be found when completing the survey.