I have started a petition that has been published in regard to veterans suicides and how they are recorded so that data can be gathered accurately which does not happen at the moment, even within the House of Commons Defence Committee’s Mental Health and the Armed Forces report states in section 3 part 44 “We are particularly concerned, however, by the lack of national data on Veteran Suicides.

The evidence that is available suggests that the rate in veterans is likely to be comparable to the general population. However, without robust data to know whether there may be specific groups or areas that need to be monitored more closely”

I attach a link to the petition that has been published


and attach a link to the Mental Health and the Armed Forces, report


I would also like to give you some details of my back ground, I am married to a veteran of the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards he served in Bosnia and served three tours of Iraq. In 2016 he was diagnosed with severe chronic PTSD after many years of struggling, drinking and two attempts of suicide. I also attach an article about ourselves.


I hope you can support not only myself in this but all the families that have to face this situation.

Kate England