Beware of callers trying to access your computer. Please warn those vulnerable persons to save them getting hacked and spread the word.

Here is the story of a Stonesfield resident.

I received 2 calls saying they were BT and my line was being hacked and I was going to be disconnected tonight. To resolve I needed to logon to pc and change the IP address and would only take 10 minutes. I was immediately suspicious but did have a moment it could be genuine as sounded very convincing, but didn’t entertain the call or give any information. They even gave me their ID details to confirm they were so called genuine. They were calling from India. My internet provider have confirmed they were hackers themselves.


  • Always check directly with your internet provider… and not by ringing these people back on a number they provide.
  • Never give your bank details over the phone to anyone calling ‘from your bank’
  • Do not respond to emails asking for your bank details, however genuine it looks.
  • Don’t open email attachments unless you are certain you know who they are from

These are the basics. Look at reliable websites for more tips.

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