New initiative announced to tackle fly-tipping across Thames Valley
Fly tipping is a major concern across Thames Valley and it can affect private landowners in both rural and urban locations. Conservative PCC Candidate, Matthew Barber, has already announced his intention to bring together a taskforce of local authorities, the Environment Agency and the police to develop a strategy to better tackle the problem, which can be big business for criminals.

Now in a first of a kind in Thames Valley, a new pilot scheme is being proposed to support farmers and landowners to remove fly-tipping from their land free of charge and to put in place measures to prevent it from happening again.

Local councils do not remove fly-tipped waste on private land, that is the responsibility of the landowner, however councils do investigate reports of fly tipping.

Under the proposed pilot scheme in one local authority area, farmers and private landowners in West Oxfordshire District would be able to report fly-tipping on their land and the council will arrange for the fly tip to be cleared – with the cost being met by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The council would then suggest measures that would help the landowner to prevent further tipping on their land. Mobile, quickly deployable CCTV cameras could then be used in hot spot areas with the aim of securing evidence to catch and prosecute the fly tippers.

Matthew Barber, Conservative PCC candidate said fly-tipping on private land is an issue that is frequently raised, especially by people living in rural communities.

“Fly tipping is organised crime and can impact both urban and rural areas. I have spoken to many landowners who have had to bear the cost of this criminal activity. It harms their land; it harms the local environment and it is quite simply a crime.

“I want to help fight this criminal behaviour across Thames Valley, and so I look forward to the opportunity of working with West Oxfordshire to develop this pilot scheme. The initiative would be evaluated to understand its effect on fly tipping in those areas, and the ability to track down the offenders.”

Cut It Out – domestic abuse awareness training
The Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner’s Violence Reduction unit has launched a new campaign supported by world famous stylist Nicky Clarke. The Cut It Out campaign intends to raise awareness of domestic abuse across the hair and beauty industry.

The Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit has developed a new training package for students in the industry to help them spot the signs of abuse and to ensure they know how to support victims and seek further help.

The campaign was launched this week at Activate Learning’s Oxford campus. Nicky Clarke joined the launch event and spoke to students and staff about how the training is being delivered.

It is estimated that one in four women and one in six men experiencing some form of domestic abuse during their life. Hair-dressers, barbers and beauty therapists are often in a position of privilege with their client, not only working physically close to them but also very often, they are someone trusted to talk to or confide in. The Cut It Out campaign recognises this unit opportunity to spot the signs of abuse and to intervene early.

The training package, first developed with Milton Keynes College is available for anyone to access on Activate Learning’s website.

The training covers different forms of abuse, not just physical, but emotional, financial and controlling behaviours. It provides advice on how to encourage someone to make a report, escape abuse and signposts to leading support organisations.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or are worried about someone who may be, you can contact Thames Valley Police. If there is an emergency that’s ongoing or life is in danger call 999 immediately. If you cannot speak, call 999 and dial 55. In a non-emergency case and for general advice call 101. Further information is available on the Thames Valley Police website.

Victims First for residents of the Thames Valley: 0300 1234 148 or via online chat