On Saturday 15th December Fiddle /guitar duo Henderson:Hooper held a fundraising concert for the New Yatt Riding for the Disabled at Stonesfield Church (St James the Great). The concert raised £800.

“New Yatt RDA is close to our hearts as our daughter Rose has been riding there for several years and has benefitted hugely from the support she has received there. We are very happy to be supporting this fabulous organisation with a fundraising concert.”

About 80 people turned up to hear them playing tunes from their new album ‘Pete’s Trees’. They also showcased some new repertoire including two tunes composed by their daughter, Rose.

In the second half Judith and Nick were joined by the fabulous singer and bass player Susanna Starling, with whom they form The Boot Band.

Many thanks from all for a great evening and to Rev. Roy for the use of the church.