There is lots of local interest in Stonesfield’s fight to save The White Horse with the Oxford Mail giving coverage as well as interviews on local and national radio.

However the story has now gone global with an article in this week’s New York Times.

This created a lot of interest (and money) on the Crowd Funding page. Comments included

Good luck to the White Horse and those who love it! Our White HOUSE is undergoing new management too! Barry Moyer / Washington, DC

I am in the USA but have had wonderful visits to England and have wonderful memories of your pubs. I am sure many in the US feel the same. My dream for my first international travel after covid is a walk across some part of England. Stopping at pubs is the motivator for some of the group I hope to travel with! Good luck in your efforts.

With Covid I was not able to go to my favorite pub Murphys South, here in Boulder. I hope the White Horse survives, we all need a meeting place like that! Bobby Hills Boulder, Colorado

I live in a town on the west coast of Oregon, USA. I hope to visit this pub as I’ve loved my regular travels to Oxford. Best of luck to you all from the Pacific Northwest.

All the best for saving your pub! (from Australia).

I drink my pints in the beautiful US Northwest. As one of my bartenders once put it, “People like that need a place to go to have a beer like a normal person” Best of luck.

Read about your pub in the New York Times and sent 100 pounds (from Chicago). You should also start a Go Fund Me page on Facebook. The best of luck to you! Sherry Rasmussen

We are behind you all the way, albeit at a socially-distanced 6,000 miles. Next time my wife and I are in the UK, we plan a stop at the White Horse for a pint or two. And I’ll tell my clients to do the same. Cheers, mates! And good luck! Paul Coopersmith Coopersmith’s One-of-a-Kind Tours Inverness, California

This kid from Chicago wants to have a pint at the White Horse someday. Best of luck!

Saw your story in the New York Times. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and I believe in The power of a community. Hope you are able to keep your pub!

Cheers from North Carolina! Read about your mission in the New York Times and had to help. Every village needs a pub and I hope to visit soon for a pint. Good luck!

I saw the article about your Pub in the Sunday Miami Herald (FL USA) and wanted to do something to help. I hope when all of this Covid is over to have a chance to visit your charming village. The world needs more village Pubs like yours!

Read of your battle in today’s New York Times. Solidarity from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Hope to stop by your pub the next time we travel to Great Britain.

Saw the story in the New York Times. When you cut down a garden and put up a parking lot, when you convert a pub to a residence, you’ve created new spaces. But for what really? Not for community. I’ll raise a glass to your success back here in Milwaukee (we know a thing or two about beer, maybe a bit less about ale)! Good Luck!

Cheers from faraway Seward Alaska USA. Our bars (pubs) are a core of our small (3000 pop) town. Good on you for reaching across the oceans!

The campaign progresses towards its goal of a community owned pub but there is still time to invest.