Now that the summer is over and the wild flowers have set their seeds it’s time to graze the common. Unfortunately the shepherd who has let his sheep graze the common the last few years isn’t prepared to put them on the common because of the number of uncontrolled dogs. This is very unfortunate. We need the common to be grazed by livestock – it’s how the special flora and fauna were created and the means to maintain it.

In place of the sheep we will have a couple of cows. It isn’t ideal, we really need a much larger number of either sheep and / or cattle to really improve the common. This is a trial and hopefully it will be a success so we get more next year.

To all those who walk on the common please ensure the gates are firmly closed behind you.

If you walk a dog on the common please

  • keep it on a lead
  • clear up and remove all dog poo

Richard Morris