We are looking for more stories to print in the Slate over the coming months. The writers of stories printed will receive a book token as a thank you. There are three categories.

Up to Year 2: 200 word limit
Year 3-6: 500 word limit
Years 7-13: 500 word limit

The topic of your story should be ‘Discovery in Stonesfield’.

Stonesfield has an amazing history of exciting discoveries. In 1824 William Buckland announced the incredible discovery of fossil bones of a giant reptile which he named Megalosaurus (‘great lizard’). A dinosaur had been discovered in Stonesfield! Over one hundred years before that, on 25 January 1712, a farmer called George Handes was ploughing his field when he discovered an elaborate mosaic pavement. Roman remains had been discovered in Stonesfield!

During these difficult times we are all enjoying our daily walk and enjoying the sunshine. Imagine while you are walking around Stonesfield you make a discovery. Where are you in the village? How do you notice it? What does it look like? What do you think it is? What does your family think?

We would love you to write a story about your discovery and send it in to the Slate by 15 June. First stories will be published in the July Slate.

Please email your stories to Slate-pub@stonesfield.online or hand it into the village shop in an envelope marked ‘Stonesfield Slate Story’.

Which ever way you submit your story please include the writer’s name and category, plus your address and a contact number (which will only be used to send awards). Please note that handwritten stories will not be returned.

We can’t wait to hear about your fantastic discoveries!

Slate Publishers