Stonesfield Action For Enhanced Road Safety (SAFER) was formed in December to work for Stonesfield Parish Council in matters of road safety. This was in response to the report presented at the November Parish Council meeting which outlined the results of the October survey of residents’ opinions on traffic, speed and signage.

SAFER steering group is chaired by a Parish Councillor assisted by a number of interested residents. SAFER’s constitution and the members of the steering group can be found on SAFER section of this website. SAFER is supported by Thames Valley Police (TVP) and PC Robert Webb has been representing TVP at the meetings.

The Parish Council has budgeted in 2019/20 to support actions to improve road safety and currently a range of options are being reviewed by SAFER.

In the meantime, SAFER held a meeting in early January, attended by representatives from Bladon, North Leigh, Charlbury, Freeland and Fulbrook. The objective was to share expertise and knowledge. It was clear from the meeting that these communities had very similar experiences and concerns. Many had been starting to address them over the last two or more years. This provided a useful basis for further cooperation between West Oxfordshire towns and villages in the area of road safety.