The rain on Sunday 26 May highlighted the desperate state of the drains on Laughton Hill and at the Boot Street junction.

The Gardening Club were replanting the pots at the Boot Street junction when the rain started and within 15 minutes water was bubbling up out of the drains. Within 20 minutes of the rain starting the whole of The Tap was flooded and water was pouring down Laughton Hill. The rain stopped after 40 minutes and, on returning to the bottom of Laughton Hill, the drain on Laughton Hill was gushing water.

As well as telling Andy Graham, Oxfordshire County Councillor, was informed as he had previously taken up this cause. Within two days Paul Wilson Operations Manager for Oxfordshire Highway had responded to say ‘As you may imagine, we are still dealing with a backlog of drainage enquiries since the very wet winter, however I can advise that we have a crew booked in for July 4th to try and resolve the drainage issues on Laughton Hill.’

Paul Wilson has photos and understands these are long standing issues that have been ‘resolved’ before. We just hope that this time ‘resolving’ actually means ‘curing’ but as this has been going on for years it may take many more visits.