Communities Matters- Issues- “As it happens” Woodstock weekly bulletin 6, County Councillor Andy Graham (July 9th)

A vision For Woodstock Division-Progress to date:-

Woodstock Town Council

A busy week in Woodstock-

Met with the contractors, Kingerlee at Woodstock House to agree a positive set of measures to improve the situation raised by residents in Rectory Road and nearby vicinity inc: regular washing down of vehicles, street cleaning, reduced use of parking by contractors. Positive response but now awaiting confirmation of agreement/understanding moving forwards.

Further work may be necessary.

Visited The Oxfordshire Museum and met with director and Cllr Elizabeth Poskitt and briefed on issues and opportunities for the sustainable future linked to the new strategy initiative for culture and heritage in the county led by the new administration.

More news to follow.


Meeting is now arranged with WODC and OCC to address the issues of parking and parking management for the end of the month. Had various communications and discussions with residents, business and officers at OCC to keep abreast of opinion and to ensure a plan is finally put in place. Positive progress.

Sandford St Martin

Site visit with Principle Officer and residents with Cllr Dave Jackson to move forward a plan to resolve the flooding issue. Diagnosis made. Positive visit. Awaiting next steps from officers and time lined resolution.


Site visit with Drainage Principal Officer with Chair and Ex Chair (liz and June) to look at solutions to flooding. Useful and awaiting now confirmation of improvements/work to be done to mitigate the problems with parish council doing some remedial work too. Meeting with local landowners to be arranged to look at other measures.

Stonesfield Parish

The White Horse still unclear as to the owner’s intentions. Support has been offered.

Attended parish council meeting

Bartons Bus Attended AGM with colleague Cllr Dave Jackson. Delighted to pledge support with some seed funding for a replacement electric bus from my priority fund.

Music Service Board Meeting Attended as a member and to support initiatives to make music accessible to all with, diversity and inclusivity and help make the music service one of the best in the country.

Chaired the Locality Meeting of Councillors from Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Eynsham and Woodstock divisions to share issues that have cross division benefits. This will happen every 3 months and another example of partnership working.