The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has found Oxford City Council’s local plan sound, subject to a number of main modifications.

A full council meeting has been scheduled for 8 June where, if approved, it can be adopted. The plan will underpin all planning applications in the city for the next 16 years.

Oxford Local Plan 2036 sets out where nearly 11,000 new homes will be built within Oxford’s boundaries. It also includes:

  • Policies to reduce carbon emissions – all new residential developments are required to be zero carbon by 2030.
  • A focus on town centre uses in the city centre, district and local centres, including Cowley Centre, Summertown, Headington, East Oxford (Cowley Road) and Blackbird Leys – to both increase the density and height of buildings, and strengthen neighbourhoods by encouraging new community, leisure and cultural assets.
  • Policies to protect and enhance Oxford’s heritage, particularly the historic buildings within Oxford city centre, and the city’s network of parks, open space and waterways.
  • Support for business by encouraging the modernisation and intensification of Oxford’s existing science and business parks.

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