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The Ox-Cam Arc is a scandal. One third of the houses the government intends to build in the UK before 2050 are destined to go into the five counties between Oxford and Cambridge. That’s the equivalent of 18 new Oxford cities in the next twenty-nine years – but they won’t look like Oxford. And no-one has heard about it because there has been NO consultation with the public.

If the Arc goes ahead, 1.3 million houses will be built on just 4.7% of the UK land mass by 2050. There will be 300,000 built in Oxfordshire alone: that’s a 105% increase, more than double.

We in Stonesfield are going to be hit by this; every part of the five counties involved will have houses dumped on them. Some of these will be dormitories for London commuters. There is no mention of affordable or social housing. And of course we will all experience massively increased road traffic. Damage to the environment, wildlife and biodiversity will be catastrophic.

Please sign up to Stop the Arc – go to https://www.noexpressway.org/how-you-can-help <https://www.noexpressway.org/how-you-can-help>
Whitehall is keeping all this secret. Stop the Arc will tell us what we can do to expose the plans.

We will put a template letter up so you can write to our new Lib Dem county councillor Andy Graham asking him to protest against the Arc

We are asking our Parish Council to take notice and do what they can to increase awareness of the scheme.