After a month on the Combe Road SAFER’s SID was moved to the Woodstock Road to monitor traffic leaving Stonesfield. Although there is already a speed reminder at the village exit, SID records data so will give a clearer idea of what speeds are being done and when.

Whilst at Combe Road SID recorded the average traffic speed as 24mph which is very positive. Less positive is the highest speeds recorded of 59mph. 10% of vehicles were recorded at above 30mph and 2% over 35mph so, as usual, the vast majority of drivers are law abiding and take a level of care in Stonesfield..

Excessive speed does happen throughout the day, not just commuter times, so pedestrians and other road users are perpetually at risk from these drivers. Community Speed Watch will restart once Gigaclear work as finished, subject to approval of Thames Valley Police. Drivers travelling at excess speed will be reported to Thames Valley Police.