The District Council has published for consultation a series of proposed Main Modifications to the submission draft Salt Cross Garden Village Area Action Plan (AAP).

The AAP is intended to guide the future delivery of Salt Cross Garden Village, a planned new community to the north of the A40 near Eynsham. The AAP establishes a vision for Salt Cross which is supported by a series of core objectives and policies set out on a thematic basis.

The AAP was formally published in August 2020 and submitted for independent examination in February 2021 with examination hearing sessions held in June/July 2021. Subsequently the examination was paused to enable the District Council to undertake further work on the phasing of essential infrastructure. Consultation on that additional work took place in March/April 2022 and on the 26 May 2022, the Inspectors wrote to the Council to confirm that the AAP can be made sound through a number of changes known as ‘Main Modifications’.

The Council has therefore prepared a series of proposed Main Modifications (MMs) to the AAP and these have been published for a statutory 6-week period of consultation from Friday 23 September until Friday 4 November 2022.

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