You may remember the article in The Slate a few months back about Riverfly.

Looking at the numbers of Riverfly in the Evenlode is a key indicator of the health of the ecosystem. Monitoring the Riverfly population and reporting any changes to the Riverfly population is one of the really crucial metrics that the Environment Agency will react to. A number of us, three at present, are trained in Riverfly sampling. It is a fascinating process, so if you see us in the shallows kicking about in the river, you will know what we are doing. As part of our aim to get a picture of what is happening along the length of the Evenlode, we are working with groups and individuals in our neighbouring villages to coordinate our testing and sampling. This will give us better data, more ‘clout’ when it comes to showing the impact of the pollution of the river.

You may also have seen in the news, the new Bathing Status sites in the UK. This is a complex issue and it’s not fully clear yet the merits in applying for Bathing Status but we continue to work with other groups, further ahead in this process to understand its relevance to us.

As ever, there is much to do, so if you want to get involved please join us. See The Slate for more details.