I ask for your help to publicise SOFEA, a scheme that will help families in the village.

SOFEA is a scheme that works with food producers to take surplus of food that would otherwise be destined for food waste and distribute it through a membership scheme. Members usually pay a fee to receive approx. £30 in value of fresh, frozen and dry goods per week. These parcels are delivered direct to the door and will continue until the crisis is over or the member withdraws from the scheme. https://www.sofea.uk.com/about-sofea/

Due to the current crisis these parcels are now free to anyone who wants one. There are many people in the village who would benefit from this. Would you please try to think of anyone you know who would benefit from a free food supplement and encourage them to apply. This is not charity, it is saving food that would otherwise be wasted. The quality is very high and of the same standard you would buy in the shops. In these difficult times many people would benefit from this but please do share with anyone who may need this support most.

I have attached the form. the form ask many questions but all anyone has to do is provide their name and address, photograph the form and email it to thechippylarder . To receive a parcel on Friday the form needs to be submitted by Tuesday at 5pm.

The service is entirely confidential. I will be the delivery driver and will not disclose who receives a parcel.

Please share this with anyone who you think may benefit. I was really impressed with the offer and would recommend it to everyone.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments,

Best wishes,
Dave Baldwin


SOFEA Application form.pdf