In just a few short weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed everyday life in this country. We all feel the profound impact of Coronavirus not just on ourselves, but on our loved ones and our local communities.

This is a worrying time for residents of West Oxfordshire, as I know from the unprecedented level of correspondence I am receiving.

At this time of national emergency, it is vital that residents know what to do and where to go for information. Ensuring this will reduce suffering, save lives, and enable us to beat the virus more quickly.

To ensure that local residents know what the latest health guidance is, and where they need to go for help and advice both locally and nationally, I have created the attached COVID-19 information leaflet.

As you will see, it contains the latest NHS guidance, contact information for our local councils, volunteer groups and helpful organisations, as well as important anti-scam advice.

I am writing to ask if you could please circulate this leaflet (see attached) widely in your community to ensure residents have access to this important information. Please also feel free to direct people to my website (see below) if they have any particular queries which the leaflet does not address.

I am conscious that some of the most vulnerable and elderly residents, who would benefit from access to this information, might be not be contactable via email. If, therefore, you would like some hard-copies of the leaflet to distribute locally then do please let me know and I can investigate the possibility of having some printed.

Thank you for your assistance. If there is anything further I can do to assist your local response to the pandemic then do please let me know. May I also take this opportunity to thank you for all that you are doing to support your community at this most challenging time.

With best wishes,

Robert Courts MP

Member of Parliament for Witney & West Oxfordshire

Telephone: 01993 22 50 20



COVID-19 Info Sheet – Robert Courts MP.pdf