From Oxfordshire County Council:

We are seeking your views on the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit throughout Stonesfield village, replacing the existing 30mph speed limit in its entirety.

Additionally, traffic calming will be introduced by giving priority to vehicles travelling northwards through the village on Laughton Hill/The Ridings at the junction with Boot Street, with new signage instructing vehicles travelling south to ‘Give Way’ to oncoming vehicles.

The proposals are being put forward following road safety concerns raised by local residents & the Parish Council, with extensive local engagement carried out and traffic speed surveys undertaken at key points on the highway network in the area. In light of this, please find the following consultation documents attached:

  • Public Notice,
  • Statement of Reasons
  • Consultation Plans,
  • Draft Traffic Regulation Order.

The proposed Traffic Regulation Order is scheduled to be advertised in the Oxford Times newspaper today; Thursday 09th September 2021, and details are also available to view on the Councils new consultation portal at the address below:

As stated on the notice, any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted by Friday 08th October 2021.

Christian Mauz
Technical Officer (Traffic & Road Safety)
Community Operations|Environment & Place
Oxfordshire County Council|County Hall
New Road

Stonesfield Give Way – CONSULTATION PLAN.pdf

Stonesfield 20mph Speed Limit & Calming – STATEMENT OF REASONS.pdf

Stonesfield 20mph Speed Limit & Calming – PUBLIC NOTICE.pdf

Stonesfield 20mph Speed Limit – DRAFT ORDER 2021.pdf

Stonesfield 20mph Speed Limit – CONSULTATION PLAN.pdf