For over two years SUSTO has been pretty swift to send out an email telling you about the latest planning issue that might befall our community and asking you to pick up the pen once again to complain.

So it’s surprising that when we get the best news for a long time, SUSTO has been silent. That’s my fault. I heard the news last week when I was away, and when I returned it seemed like everybody in the village already knew the result – yes, we had won!

So, better late than never I’m confirming that we have won. CALA’s appeal against WODC’s decision to refuse permission to build 68 houses on the Woodstock Road has been turned down. This is a vindication of our long-held belief that there were no ‘exceptional circumstances’ to warrant building a major development in the Cotswold AONB – just developer profits.

If you haven’t seen the Inspector’s final ruling, you can read it by clicking the link below.

The Inspector’s findings
SUSTO’s byline is, Our village ~ now and for the future. For the moment we’re focusing on the ‘now’ and celebrating our success. But CALA has the right to take this decision to the High Court: we’ll let you know if that happens.

I want to thank everybody who helped achieve this fantastic result. There are too many people to name; all of you who wrote time and again to complain, the SUSTO committee, the Parish Council for their support, and our external expert witnesses. A small village on the edge of the Cotswolds has for the moment defeated a very rich national housing developer and kept them from spoiling the AONB. It’s a significant victory and congratulations are due all round.

Richard Morris
Chair of Sustainable Stonesfield