We may have been off the web, but we have not been off the job . We are very pleased to be holding our second public meeting on the 15th Januaryat 7.30 in the village hall,so we can report to the village what we have been up to and achieved so far and, more importantly, enlist your support for the challenges that lie ahead.

Planning applications are continuing to arrive and we continue to fight them because of the sheer scale of irrevocable harm they represent to our village, the damage they threaten to our (supposedly heavily protected) local countryside and the very limited services and facilities within the village.

Please come along and encourage your friends and neighbours to attend the meeting as well, they will be very welcome.

At the meeting we will share details of the current position regarding applications for planning permission and outline the representations we have made to the Inspector who is examining West Oxfordshire District Council’s Local Plan. That ‘plan’ includes the Woodstock Rd site where WODC continues to contemplate an application for 68 houses on just over half the site which they told us, was suitable for 50 houses. (Any school pupil would be able to work out what 60% of 50 is but not at WODC!)

It is very important that we have your views on the issues that face the village so that we can ensure those views get in front of the people who represent us and that the Planning Officers take them fully into account before they allow changes to the place where we live! So the meeting on the 15th January will give plenty of time for you to ask questions, let us know what you think about the issues that face our village and your ideas for the action you think we should be taking.

Over 70 people came to our last public meeting and we all learnt a lot from each other. Please make this meeting a priority so that we can work together for the best interests of Stonesfield.

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th and wish you a very Happy New Year!