Zuleika Gallery is delighted to announce that it is bringing the work of two female artists, Frances Aviva Blane and Marice Cumber, both based in London, to the Woodstock Gallery this autumn. These artists bring a wealth of experience to their work and their joint exhibition, The Brave Truth, will take place from 10 November until 9 December 2022.

Although working in different mediums, both artists are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities in their work or to explore the darker depths of existence. Through their work they bring to the surface hidden anxieties that well beneath in all of us, if only we were brave enough to admit it. These artists throw a light onto the essence of being human, and through the simmering pathos, inject their work with verve and humour.

Zuleika Gallery Woodstock, 6 Park St, Woodstock OX20 1SP

More information: https://zuleikagallery.com/exhibitions/102-the-brave-truth-an-exhibition-by-artists-frances-aviva-blane-and/overview/