The Charlbury Spring Flower Show is organised in conjunction with the Art Society Spring Exhibition. Doors will open at 12 noon and close at 4pm. Entry is free to both exhibitions.

Anyone can submit as many exhibits as they like and it is free to enter. There is no prize money but there is a trophy, the Ian Tolputt Cup, which is awarded for the Best Exhibit in the Show.

Download a schedule from our 4 April event listing on the town website
collect a printed schedule now from the Pharmacy, the Corner House, the station or the library (community centre).


It’s not long until the Spring Show. Look through the Schedule for classes you feel you may enter and tailor your growing to them. We major in flowers from spring bulbs, but there are other classes, too. It is quite a spectacle to see Spring captured in the Memorial Hall and when partnered with the Art Society provides a lovely afternoon out.