‘Backing Into the Limelight’ A Talk on the Enigma of Lawrence of Arabia

As part of fund raising for the Charlbury Festival David Lines and Becki Sherlaw-Johnson will be giving their talk on Lawrence on April 16th at 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Market St, Charlbury: tickets on the door £5.

Many of us know something about T.E. Lawrence, usually from seeing David Lean’s film Lawrence of Arabia. Perhaps you have managed to read Lawrence’s famous book Seven Pillars of Wisdom, widely regarded as a definitive work when attempting to understand the Middle East, but who was this enigmatic hero and icon?

As we researched and prepared the script for Shadow of the Desert, we found a brilliant Oxford scholar, archaeologist, tactician,and adventurer alongside a shy, very private man who lived the life of an ascetic. The popular image of Lawrence revolves round two intense years of fighting in the desert, behind that lies a man who was, and largely remains, an enigma despite the many attempts that have been made to understand who and what he was.

This talk aims to shed some light on both the man and the influences and politics that inspired him.